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January 27, 2017
New Year Message by National Director Laura Clark Announcing New Initiatives


Media Contact: Celine Hobbs,

Washington, D.C. – It has been just one year since the announcement of our franchise with the Miss Earth pageant. This first year was challenging, thrilling and incredibly successful. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone and to provide an update on our program initiatives.


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Thank you to all who have wholeheartedly committed to the Miss Earth United States organization. Special thanks are sent to Lisa, Celine, Ariel, Brittany, Corrin; 2015 and 2016 national titleholders; all of the state titleholders; parents of titleholders; corporate, community and media partners; and finally – to core staff and directors. I thank you for believing in the brand and our mission to give a voice to young women. 


In our first year, our stated goals were to: 

In our three-year plan, goals have been stated to: 

  • transition to non-profit 501(c)3 status

  • win Miss Earth

  • bid for the USA to host the Miss Earth international competition

  • partner with a recognized television broadcast company

  • consistently fill 50 states in Miss & Teen division

  • create a youth program for girls to connect with environmental efforts

  • establish state pageants or regional pageants as the only way to enter MEUS/TMEUS

  • rank in the Pageant Planet's top 3 national pageants

  • establish long-term contracts with recognized national corporations and environmental organizations


I believe in aiming high but also remaining realistic in that some of these goals will take longer than others. Legwork has been made in all areas, including conversations with major corporate sponsors and media partners. I am proud to announce that we have made major strides on a few of these long-term goals. I can now announce the following: 

  • The overseeing corporation has been re-named to Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc. We will be transitioning away from "US Earth Productions" in the coming weeks. 

  • We have begun the registration process to become a 501(c)3 non-profit status this year. This allows our cash sponsors to deduct their gifts as tax-exempt, and helps us receive discounts on venue, equipment, buses, postage, food and many other purchases we make throughout the year.

  • Beauty Beyond Borders has also acquired the national franchise of MISS EARTH PUERTO RICO. Brenda Johnson will act as Executive Director and Yanery Rosario will act as Contestant Coordinator. A separate national pageant will be held in San Juan in the summer. This added reach in the Spanish-speaking and tropical island market will create more appeal to sponsors and media partners, as well as give our titleholders additional exotic travel opportunities.

  • We will soon launch the Miss Earth United States youth ambassador program, a non-competitive program that engages young girls with environmental efforts.

  • We have begun establishing a planning committee to bid to host Miss Earth 2018. We have some exciting ideas to show the world that the USA coast to coast is committed to environmental responsibility and lessening the effects of climate change. We believe we are capable of hosting the best edition of Miss Earth in its 18th year, including a live television broadcast in the USA. 


I believe that together, we can reach all of our goals and continue to draw positive attention toward the pageant industry, our causes and our titleholders. To our staff, titleholders and fans, I welcome your creative and constructive suggestions and feedback as we plan for the future. Thank you again for your constant support and commitment!

Laura Clark

National Director, Miss Earth United States

President, US Earth Productions, Inc / Beauty Beyond Borders, Inc.


Visit or for 2017 national program information and for information on the international pageant. Media may contact Celine Hobbs at

Miss Earth United States Corrin Stellakis

was named to the Top 8 at Miss Earth 2016 in the Philippines.

Miss Earth United States registered 90 delegates  for the 2016 program, which took place in Washington, DC.

In 2017, the organization overseeing Miss Earth United States will also adopt the Miss Earth Puerto Rico franchise and will transition to 501(c)3 status as a non-profit corporation.

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