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Welcome to the United States official preliminary to MISS EARTH 2025: Celebrating 25 Years of Beauties for a Cause! Application required for all divisions ages 5-26.



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We look forward to receiving your candidate application. The form below is required for all divisions ages 5 and older. 


We are now accepting applications for direct entry to Miss Earth USA national program to be held December 30-January 5, 2025 (select dates depending on competition division) in Orlando Florida. 


Only a select few sponsored regional and state preliminary pageants will be offered in Summer 2024. Participation in a preliminary pageant is not necessary to advance to the national stage! However, if offered in your region, you may find a preliminary pageant to be a more cost effective solution to you and your family during your journey to Miss Earth USA. 

August / September 2024 Preliminaries

  • Alaska - Miss, Teen, Junior, Pre-Teen, Little & Tiny 

  • Colorado - Miss

  • Ohio - Miss & Teen

  • Oregon - Miss  

  • Texas - Miss & Teen

  • Washington - Miss ​

  • All other appointed titles use the form below

IMPORTANT! After you have submitted the application below, please check your Spam email folder for acknowledgment and further direction. 

AGE REQUIREMENTS: The United States program follows rules as set by the Miss Earth international office. Current applicants must be age 5-25 as of January 1, 2025. 

  • MISS PROGRAM: Ages 18-25

  • TEEN PROGRAM: Ages 14-19

  • JUNIOR PROGRAM: Ages 5-14 

  • FAQ ON AGES: Delegates who are an age overlapping may choose either division. MISS competes in Swimwear; TEEN competes in Activewear. JUNIOR competes in Fun Fashion. Teen/Miss also include a required interview, while the Junior interview is only optional.

OVER AGE 26: Please consider our sister program: International Ms pageant for married and unmarried women



Forms may be slow to load ... thank you for your patience!

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This application is required for all applicants for entry to a sponsored preliminary competition or request to be offered an appointed state or regional title. 


STEP 1: Submit a headshot photograph and $25 non-refundable application (plus processing fees) via Paypal or credit card.


Application photos may be updated at a later date. If you have trouble uploading to the application form:

  • Resize the photo to less than 25MG 

  • If necessary, submit application without the photo, and you will be contacted by email to send the image

  • Your application will be considered INCOMPLETE without a photo

  • Your application will NOT process without the application fee

STEP 2: Watch for an email within one week. Check your SPAM folder! Applicants MUST first be admitted for eligibility by the national office or a state director.


STEP 3: PRELIMINARY PAGEANT SCHEDULE - Participation in a sponsored preliminary pageant may be your preferred option; however, appointed titles and invitations directly to the national pageant are available.


2024 state pageants are held for the following divisions: All titles in Alaska, Miss Colorado, Miss & Teen Ohio, Miss Oregon, Miss & Teen Texas, Miss Washington

STEP 4: APPOINTED STATE, REGIONAL & LOCAL TITLES - Applicants will be contacted with additional submission requirements. There may be additional submission requirements and a waiting period.  

STEP 5A: ACCEPTING A TITLE - If offered an appointed title, an initiation fee will be required immediately. 

STEP 5B: PRELIMINARY PAGEANTS - If entering a preliminary competition (states are listed above) you will hear directly from the state or regional license holder. 

APPLICATION FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE: Please do not conduct a charge back via your credit card or PayPal. Your signature on the application states that you understand all refund policies. 

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