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November 18, 2019
Sydni Terradot of Louisiana Named Teen Face of the World in England


Media Contact: Laura Clark,

Birmingham, England, November 18, 2019 – Sydni Terradot of Louisiana has been selected as the international teen female winner of Face of the World. Terradot represented the USA during the annual spokesmodel contest from November 15-17 hosted in England. 


Face Of The World® is the first international competition offering a joint platform for male and female contestants to represent their country and earn accolades in modeling, fashion and communication. They are also one of the only contests that is inclusive to all sizes, heights, marital statuses and ages. 


In June 2019, United States representatives for Face of the World were selected via the Miss Earth USA national pageant in Las Vegas. Selected as national winners in their age divisions, Sydni Terradot, age 18 of Louisiana, and Celine Pelofi, age 31 of Florida, received an extensive prize package including roundtrip airfare, lodging, wardrobe and styling to compete at Face of the World. 


Visit Face of the World Website 

Age 18, Sydni Terradot is a high school senior in New Iberia, Louisiana. She has modeled at New York Fashion Week and Atlanta Prom Market, and she has appeared on the OWN network. Sydni is a supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, Bullying Prevention, Skip the Straw Day, Autism Celebration, and St. Jude Children's Hospital. She holds the title of 2019 Teen Miss Earth USA.


During events in England, Terradot earned the top international prize for young women ages 13-19 as Teen Face of the World and was awarded Best in Commercial Photography and Best in Hair and Makeup. 


Age 31, Celine Pelofi resides in Palm Beach, Florida and holds the title of 2019 Elite Miss Earth USA. She enjoys a career as a nutritionist and meal planner, and travels frequently as a sales representative for Swiss-based Clinique La Prairie. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition from Florida International University and fluently speaks English, French and Spanish. Celine has been involved in Feeding America and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


Matched against women ages 20 and over, Pelofi placed in the Top 5 Face of the World and was awarded Best in Editorial Photography and Best in Hair and Makeup. 


The ultimate Face of the World women’s winner represented the United Kingdom. Male winners were from Tanzania and England. The next Face of the World competition will take place in Fall 2020. American candidates ages 13 and older may inquire via and


Terradot and Pelofi will continue to represent their Miss Earth USA national titles, modeling for brands such as ASHLEYlauren and Pixton Design Group, while serving as ambassadors for the Clean Earth Project and the Earth Day Network.


In addition to these two age divisions, Miss Earth USA is the official preliminary to MISS EARTH®  for unmarried women ages 18-28 and Mrs. Earth® for married women ages 21-59.


Managed by USA Pageant Productions under the directorship of Laura Clark, the Earth program has produced international winners since 2016, including the titles of Miss Earth Air, Miss Earth Fire, Miss Teen Earth, Mrs. Earth, Ms. Earth, and Teen Face of the World.

2020 candidate information is available at and


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