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Join us in supporting beauties for a cause by advertising with Miss Earth United States year-round or during the national pageant. 

AUTOMATIC PAYMENT ENROLLMENT. The Installment Plan form activates your pageant fee monthly automated payments. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Plan is processed through PayPal with the option to set up a credit card payment. 

PAYMENT IN FULL. Save $100 by paying all remaining fees now. Payment is available via Paypal or credit card. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Choose the option on the right and click ADD TO CART.

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Please note this information is also provided in your official title offer letter sent by email.

Before reaching this page, you should have paid the following:

  • $65 Application

  • $285 Initiation 

$600 remains due by May 25 through monthly installments. Your payments per month will be less the earlier you initiate your title offer. Payment plan must be activated in order to ship your sash and crown. 


  • $85, 7 payments when enrolling by November 15

  • $100, 6 payments when enrolling by December 15

  • $120, 5 payments when enrolling by January 15

  • $150, 4 payments when enrolling by February 15

  • $200, 3 payments when enrolling by March 31

  • $300, 2 payments when enrolling by April 25

  • $600, 1 payment when enrolling by May 25


  • Save $100 by paying in full by March 31 (use Add to Cart option above)


Checks. Notify the national office if you will be sending checks as opposed to online payment, payable to Beauty Beyond Borders or Miss Earth United States and mailed to Laura Clark, 21660 Frame Square, Broadlands, VA 20148.

Sponsor Payments. An option is available on the MEUS website for sponsors to make a payment toward your balance due, in increments of $50. Sponsors may send a check and note your name in the memo section. We cannot accept sponsor payments above your total balance due. We advise that you have sponsors write checks or send payments directly to you, and then you make the payment to the organization, as not to cause confusion and overlook payments. Sponsors may note their support as a marketing expense, and we can only send receipts when the payment is made directly to the organization. Receipts are typically not needed for tax purposes for small gifts. The organization is currently a pending not for profit via the IRS.


  • Pay in full by March 31 and receive $100 off ($850 total fees).

Fundraising Options.

  • A sponsorship letter is provided on logo letterhead

  • Full page ads in the 2018 program book are optional and cost to you is $150 per ad (including design). On the MEUS website, the ad order fee is $250, so the $100 overage will be credited to your balance due.

  • Reusable logo shopping bags are for sale at 10 for $15 or 20 for $25 (includes shipping). You may purchase these bags to distribute to  your community at a higher rate ($5 per bag is recommended) or as a gift to those who support your independent fundraising efforts.

  • Junior ambassador positions are available for ages 5-14 at $300 per girl. This includes a crown and sash representing her city or county. $100 will be credited to your account for each junior ambassador recruited after she is paid in full (sometimes not applicable in states that are holding Junior or Little Miss pageants.)

  • Delegates are not permitted to post a Gofundme link (or any similar fundraising website) to their title fanpages; however, you may advertise any of the approved fundraising options to your fanpage. Gofundme posted to your personal pages is permitted; however, typically these types of fundraisers are not as successful as personally visiting your community or targeting businesses you are already using to ask directly for sponsorship.


Change of Payment Information. 

Contact your national delegate coordinator at By signing this form, you agree that all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please do NOT recall payments or challenge credit card charges. If you believe an error has been made, contact your coordinator to address the issue swiftly. Thank you.


  • There are no additional sales tax or online processing fees required with program application, initiation or title fees

  • Payments are coordinated through an automated credit card withdrawal via the MEUS secure website

  • We understand that sometimes credit cards expire. If a payment is declined, the delegate is sent a friendly reminder by email, with 10 days to update payment information and secure the missed payment. Declined payments will incur a penalty fee as required by our processing system. Failure to update payment information within 10 days will result in a final phone call notification. Failure to respond within one week will result in withdrawal of title.

  • A delegate’s withdrawal from the program after accepting and holding a state title is a very difficult position for the organization. Furthermore, it is a poor reflection on the delegate if she wishes to compete in other pageants. By accepting a title and being announced as your state representative, other candidates are denied the opportunity to hold the title and may choose another pageant. We understand that withdrawal is considered for a number of reasons whether it be family conflicts, health, financial or schedule. However, please note that any delegate who withdraws from the program for any reason or fails to attend the national competition (i.e. “no show”) is highly unlikely to be accepted to return in the future. Upon written notice of withdrawal either initiated by the delegate or by the organization due to payment delinquency, the delegate accepts the obligation to return the crown and sash undamaged and clean to the national office within 2 weeks. Items must be shipped at their own expense. This will allow us to attempt to pursue an alternate candidate to fill the position and enjoy the experience as a titleholder and national contestant.


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