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March 13, 2016
The Pageant Planet: What It Takes to Win Miss Earth United States


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The official USA preliminary to MISS EARTH® will take place July 29-August 2 in Washington, D.C. The winner of Miss Earth United States will represent the nation at Miss Earth in October. Candidates are U.S. citizens ages 18-26, never married and never given birth. The program also names state and national titles for ages 11-14, 14-18 and 26-32, sending the national queens to attend Miss Earth finals and serving as an extension of the program’s mission.


We talked to the reigning Miss Earth United States Brittany Ann Payne on what she believes it takes to win this coveted title. Brittany won the title in July 2015 representing her home state of California. She had competed in other pageants and always appeared in Top 5 rankings, so winning Miss Earth United States was her first national title. 


“I believe I won this title because I was extremely focused on my reason for competing, which was to appear on the international stage,” Brittany said.


Not only did Brittany appear on stage, she became an international sensation! Among 90 delegates competing in Vienna, Austria, Brittany received a gold medal for service and 1st place Eco-Beauty Video, and she was named Miss Earth-Water as 2nd Runner-up to Miss Earth.


Now entering its 16th year, Miss Earth is considered a relatively new pageant, yet the program has quickly reached global heights and is ranked as a Top 3 worldwide pageant along with the two oldest programs Miss World and Miss Universe. Nearly 100 national delegates compete for three weeks in Olympic-style contests such as interview, runway, video, swimwear, gown and public speaking. The program culminates with the internationally televised finals and coronation, viewed by millions of people around the world.


“The ideal Miss Earth candidate is one who loves the spotlight, loves all aspects of the pageant life: gowns and crowns, but especially sees value in the opportunity to have a voice on very important issues,” said Laura Clark, National Director.


At the state, national and international level, Miss Earth delegates are pageantry’s most relevant ambassadors through their commitment to environmental causes. 2015 Miss Earth Angelia Ong is the leading female voice for preservation of our planet as an official ambassador for the United Nations Environment Program.


“When I was introduced to Miss Earth, I knew it was the perfect fit for me,” Brittany said.


“These past few years have been a lot of hard work, but they have also been proof that my past pageants were leading me to this special opportunity.”


Looking to follow in Brittany’s footsteps? Take a look at her top 5 ways to win Miss Earth United States.


1. Confidence


This is the most crucial point of Miss Earth, as well as in all pageantry. Own your own skin and shine bright as you know you can, because the real you is always the most beautiful.


2. Know your advocacy


Miss Earth takes volunteering and platforms very seriously; it is what they are founded on! My advice is that you do not need to be an expert, but you must have passion and be aware of environmental concerns.


3. Gown/swimsuit


Be sure to have help on selecting the best color and fit for you in both Evening Gown and Swimsuit. Ultimately both should complement your skin, hair and attitude, guaranteeing that you look and feel amazing! 


4. Health


Miss Earth emphasizes that contestants should not only care for their environment, but also themselves. Eat a colorful diet and remember to exercise to stay upbeat. Being Miss Earth is a marathon, believe me!


5. Dedication


Miss Earth delegates are committed to valuing the crown and the voice it creates. When selected as a state, national or international delegate, she is dedicated to her duty within Miss Earth. She must network herself, the pageant and her message. She must never forget that she represents many and that she has the power to spread a positive message. She must be willing to go with the flow, be ready for anything, and she must share love and admiration with every soul she encounters.


Of course, the first step to winning Miss Earth United States is to enter a regional pageant or apply for an appointed state title! Visit to learn more.


Follow Brittany and the other queens at and


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