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CONGRATULATIONS on your decision to join Beauties for a Cause as a local titleholder!


Please double check your shipping address when placing this order. 


A local title is available for all age divisions, age valid as of Dec 31, 2023.



Miss age 18-25

Teen age 13-18

Junior age 12-14 

Little age 8-11

Tiny age 5-7


If you have reached this page without submitting an official application, please follow the application link to complete the local title enrollment process. The local title fee does NOT include the required application fee (standard $65). APPLY NOW


Local titles INCLUDE A LOGO SASH, shipped within 2-3 weeks from confirmation of title and completing the application process. 


You have the option to add an official LOCAL CROWN to this order. Note that many local titleholders do NOT use a crown for community appearances, so you may find a crown unnecessary for your needs this year. Crown pictured here is one variation of the local crown we provide. Your crown may be gold, silver, or a slightly different size. Junior Ambassador crowns are smaller.


Some local titles are subject to approval of the state director. Please list your preference of local titles. 


Remember that a local title is not binding and is a great addition to your journey to earn a state title!


LEAVE OF ABSENCE: We will not be enrolling local titles during the holiday season, so please forgive our delay from December 1 - January 10.




Payment options through this link are credit card or PayPal. All title and program fees are non-refundable. 

Local Title

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